Friday, March 1, 2013

10 Reasons Not to Buy a Yorkie

Don't be deceived. Just because they are cute and trendy, doesn't mean they are perfect pets. Here are a few flaws I have noticed in Yorkshire Terriers:

1. Costly grooming every 8 weeks; you must brush them daily, or when you notice they resemble a dirty mop. HIGH MAINTENANCE.

2.They  stick to you like glue; as in, you sit in a chair, there is a 3 inch space between your hip and the arm of the chair,the dog will squeeze into it.

3. Nasty eye discharge; who do you think gets stuck cleaning it? who cleans up all messes emanating from little bodies in a house? yes, that would be MOM.

4. random throwing up; as in at 7 am the dog hops out of bed and hurls an arc of half digested dog biscuits across my white bedroom rug

5. speaking of beds, get out of mine.
she is awful cute, isn't she?

6. they need coats or sweaters in the winter. Now you don't just need to make sure your kids have coats, but your dog needs one too.

7. Dog bone delivery; they feel the need to deposit a bone at your feet. As you are moving around the kitchen trying to cook dinner--Ouch! you step on a half-gnawed bone, or twist your ankle on it.

8. Underfoot all the time. Their brownish fur blends with the hardwood floor and the rug and they have a habit of getting right behind you or between your feet and you almost trip over them!

9. blatant ignoring of the master's command to "GET back here!!!" as the dog runs through the next yard after a cat, deer or another dog.

10. chewing up random items, like a headband, tissues, toys and... underwear!? Should I take her to a therapist?

10b. Oh, did I mention her ability to jump up on tables if someone forgets to push in a chair? We caught her in the act of swiping a hamburger right off the table while we were washing dishes! Don't even leave something on a snack table, because when you return, it will be gone. She is stealthy!

DISCLAIMER:  Of course we love our pet! This is just meant to be  a humorous look at some of the challenges  of dog ownership, especially a dog requiring a little extra TLC. But as they say, dogs are man's best friend!

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  1. These sound like the flaws of owning just about any dog. If the dog is big like ours, they don't need a chair to get to the table and snarf down all the food! I used to have a Yorkie when I was younger too and she was my favorite dog, but dogs in general and just full of annoying habits. I suppose they think the same of us.